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Quality, timely care for all

GlobalMed Training Series-1001

In this series of courses you will learn how GlobalMed's devices and software are used to provide quality, timely care for all.

GlobalMed Education Department

Courses in Series:
Otocam 300 Module
Welch Allyn ECG Module
CapSure 2 Module
Horus Ophthalmoscope Module
Polycom Module
TotalExam® 2 Module
Welch Allyn Spot Vitals Module
Littmann Stethoscope Module
TotalExam® HD Module
GlobalMed Internal Survey Module
GlobalMed Welcome Module
Welch Allyn Spirometer
ClinicalAccess® Station Module
TotalExam® 3 Module
Total ENT Module
EasyShare Module
Transportable Exam Station 2.2 Module
WA Otoscope
How to Use LMS
ClearProbe Ultrasound
Total ECG
i8500 Telemedicine Station
ClearSteth™ Module
Cisco Module
TotalVitals™ Spot-Check Monitor Module
eNcounter™ 3.2 Module
eNcounter Cloud - Institution Manager User
eNcounter Cloud - Physician User